Specializing in light industrial and agricultural engine machine work. With over 30 years of experience in the automotive machine business, we offer complete engine machine shop services, from cleaning to complete rebuilds.

Jimmie Wolfrum was raised on a farm in the Greeley, Colorado area. His father was a farmer who could fix anything, and passed along some of his common sense knowledge to Jimmie. Jimmie graduated high school from Greeley Central High School and then attended Colorado State University and attained a B.S. degree in Industrial Technology in 1980. During college, he started building some experience in the industry working for the late Larry Petersen at Greeley Auto-Air and Machine. 

Jimmie’s dad had always emphasized to him the importance of doing something for himself, which is part of what led him to want to open his own shop. In January of 1983, Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop was first opened in Greeley. The shop was an immediate success and quickly grew beyond all expectations. Along with growing the shop, Jimmie also grew a family. By 2000 Jimmie was married with two children and decided to take the opportunity to build a new shop and home on an 80 acre farm north-east of Greeley.

In September of 2001, the new shop on the farm was opened. Since that time Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop has specialized in agriculture related and light industrial engine remanufacturing, while still continuing to do automotive gas and diesel. His son Nicolaus helps out in the shop when he can, but for the most part Jimmie is a one man show. 

Nicolaus grew up in and around the shop. During high school, Nicolaus would help out in the shop with tear down, cleaning of parts, and other jobs when needed. He graduated from Platte Valley High School in Kersey, Colorado in 2014 and is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado. During the summer after his freshman year of college, Nicolaus interned in the shop with a variety of responsibilities including tear down, parts cleaning, reconditioning connecting rods, block and head surfacing, and boring of cylinders. Nicolaus also opened the Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop eBay store which has been a huge success. The store is solely Nicolaus’ responsibility to maintain and operate. The store specializes in used, remanufactured, and new engine parts, with new items being added daily.